I want that job too!
I want that job too!
I want that job too!

Have you ever considered taking on a job at the University Hospital? Granted, our hospital may look rather intimidating at first glance, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Whoever has found or is still looking
for the right job knows: as with a relationship, it’s the intrinsic values that really matter. We offer you many opportunities to grow professionally in one of the largest hospitals in Germany, fair remuneration and fringe benefits, professional transitional training and good career opportunities, a university hospital ticket for public transport, a variety of service models, child care, good further training in nursing and medicine, leadership development and diverse responsibilities as part of a great team.

You are what we are looking for, if you have completed training in health and nursing care, paediatric nursing, as a surgery assistant or as an anaesthesia assistant. We value both teamwork and independent work. We are
of course also happy to engage young talents in the field of health and nursing care. If you are interested in
an internship position, you can find all the important information here.

If this is just your thing, we look forward to receiving your application!

Your job
Your employer Nursing at the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen

Health professionals can look forward to a bright future, and we would
like to build yours together with you. We are your 6,800 future colleagues
from over 100 countries, who work in 34 hospitals and 27 institutes.
Patient care, research and training – all under one roof. High-tech medicine,
highly specialised centres, multi-professional teams: We are one of the
largest employers in the region and with our 1,400 beds and 70 wards in
Aachen we cover the entire spectrum of modern medicine – from anaesthesia
to prosthodontics. And if you happen to be looking to upgrade or add special
skills to your career profile, this likewise means: You can choose to develop
in any direction you like here.

Your city Aachen: Living and working in the tri-border region

Aachen is a beautiful corner of the world where you’ll be sure to feel at home.
Belgium and the Netherlands are just around the corner. Perhaps that is why the
metropolis in the tri-border region and the Aachen region with its 550,000 inhabitants
exudes more international flair than elsewhere. The cathedral and town hall are
located within the old town. Historic facades, an endless variety of streets, alley
and squares, and attractive outdoor catering create a great atmosphere. Aachen is
a young old city: Students characterise the life of the westernmost city in Germany.
The student district around Pontstraße, in particular, with its new pub trends,
modern cafes and cinemas, lends Aachen’s urban landscape and nightlife that
special something. The photo on this page can already give an idea: In the centre,
only fifty metres from the market and town hall, is 
Café Egmont. This is also where
the clip for our campaign was shot.


Want to learn more about Aachen? Then take a look here.

The campaign

No question about it: Nursing is demanding, sometimes stressful work, but also a promising and meaningful occupation. And the people who carry out this task day in and day out are much too rarely in the spotlight. Under the title “I want that job too”, the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen has been using City Light posters, radio, cinema, ads and the Internet since the spring of 2016 to draw attention to the diverse employment opportunities and career paths for nursing staff at the Uniklinik RWTH Aachen. Male and female employees from the nursing team at the University Hospital contributed to the campaign, and we would thus like to
thank for them their commitment and their willingness to give the campaign a face!


The clip on this page was shot in Aachen’s Café Egmont Egmont on Pontstraße. We hope you enjoy it. We definitely had fun, as the outtakes show. We wish you loads of fun watching and listening and look forward
to your feedback and of course your application.

The clip

The outtakes

The radio spot

Apply now We want to get to know you - please send us your application!

You can find our current vacancies here.
Please send us your application with a cover letter, your current CV with photo as well as your last certificate and internship certificates, should you have any.


Nursing Director at the

Uniklinik RWTH Aachen

Pauwelsstraße 30

52074 Aachen

here via e-mail.

Contact Still have questions?

Then call Claudia Sack on +49 (0)241 80-36147 or via e-mail at: csack@ukaachen.de.
She’ll be happy to help you with additional information.

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